My recent creations reconnect me with that exuberant world of children at play, but also with the slings and arrows to which we are all so vulnerable. With fervent determination and undiminished curiosity, I manipulate dyes, brushes, fabrics, threads and twigs and coax them into what I hope will be compelling compositions, conveying more than the sums of their parts. The paint brush, needle, palette and I travel together on this often delightful and precarious journey through the labyrinth.

Kansas City is the rabbit hole into which I gleefully fell more than three decades ago; I am still holding hands and paws with the many marvelous Mad Hatters and elusive Cheshire Cats I have encountered along the way.

I was raised and educated in New York City, receiving bachelor’s and master’s degrees in painting from City College of New York.



I retired in 2010 as chair of the fiber department at the Kansas City Art Institute, where I had taught since 1983. I conduct several workshops a year in the United States and abroad to help artists expand their visual vocabulary and develop a uniquely personal and communicative language. I no longer wish to teach processes or techniques; those can be acquired relatively easily. What I am passionate about is mentoring students through the maze of materials and ideas to a path that leads to more fully developed bodies of work.