Jason Pollen

Jason Pollen

It starts with a single mark, a cipher that continually re-encrypts itself. It has been my most loyal companion during a lifetime of dedication to the artist’s life. My recent works reconnect me with the exuberant world of children at play, but also with the “slings and arrows,” to which they and we are all so vulnerable. With fervent determination and undiminished curiosity, I manipulate dyes, brushes, fabrics, threads and twigs, and coax them into what I hope will be compelling constructions, conveying more than the sums of their parts. The paintbrush, needle, palette, and I travel together on this often delightful and often precarious journey through the labyrinth.

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Greetings from the Cave

I thought I’d share another piece of the puzzle with you. My mother studied (natural) dance with Isadora Duncan. I loved the formality of classical ballet, so I started taking classes at a very young age. I learned about musicality, discipline, cooperation, and also the darker sides of gossip, competition and obsession. In my late […]

First Post

This is the first in a series of blog posts that may well stand in for the book I might have written. My goals are: To be consistent and disciplined about writing regularly To stick to a schedule To tell the most colorful and poignant stores To show the most compelling images To learn a […]

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